Human with Jeff Pevar

JUST ADDED! Anton Mizerak and Laura Berryhill will join Human and Jeff Pevar for this performance!


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Currently finishing production on his eighth album in Nashville, Tennessee, Matthew Human is breaking new musical ground by fusing his message of awareness, playfulness and sustainability with a good ol’ fashion country sound. In collaboration with his rotating cast of all-star musicians, including female pop vocalist Amae, and legendary folk rock guitarist Jeff Pevar (with whom he will be sharing the stage at WeedAid), he is bringing conscious lyrics to country music and bringing country music back to its roots.

Founded in 2003, his band, “The Human Revolution” emerged out of the mystic folk underground scene of Northern California and Southern Oregon to become one of the best-loved bands on the West Coast festival circuit.

In addition to being a gifted singer/songwriter, Matthew Human is also an outspoken proponent of small farmer’s rights and protecting the world’s food and water supply from big agri-business. His commitment to food justice and ending the corporate stranglehold on our crops is evident on such spirited anthems as “Clean Food” and “Monsanto Go Away”. He recently performed with the “Oregon Right2Know” tour supporting that state’s Measure 92 to require mandatory labeling of genetically modified ingredients in food.



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Jeff Pevar is a guitarist, composer, producer, performer and multi-instrumentalist who has brought his unique style on stage and/or in the studio to such world renowned artists as Crosby, Stills & Nash, Ray Charles, James Taylor, Jimmy Webb, Carly Simon, Kenny Loggins, Joe Cocker, Jefferson Starship, Phil Lesh and Friends, Marc Cohn, Jennifer Warnes, Laura Nyro, David Foster, Rickie Lee Jones, Jazz Is Dead, CPR (w/ David Crosby & James Raymond) and many others.

Jeff is a sought after session musician who recently completed his first independent movie score, playing all the instruments for an independent movie called “Walk-In”, and is currently scoring music for a world class photographer/environmentalist/activist named John B Weller on his movie on the Ross Sea, “The Last Ocean”. Jeff is constantly involved with many such projects for film and recording.